Quickfire BlackJack


How would your life be different if you made an extra $1800 for a mornings work?

Well As you can see from this screenshot I made ?1260 (british pounds)?THIS MORNING?to be precise. Read on to find out how people just like you are making over $300 a day profit from using a proven system and mostly from home without selling, recruiting or stuffing envelopes. I’m so confident this will work for you, I fully guarantee the product. If you aren’t happy, you’ll get 100% of the cost back, no questions asked…. but more on that later. A couple of months?ago, I released the incredible?Quickfire Blackjack System to a handful of my Insider Club Members in the US, Canada, France, Switzerland, Australia & New Zealand?and the results have just started to come in.

“This has just paid my XXX Membership dues for the next year” (I?removed the organisation name!)

Take a look at the date on the Screenshot above taken from my laptop and don’t forget to multiple those figures by 1.43?if you work in US Dollars as they are all in British pounds. Over $1600 profit in just a few hours This is happening right now and day after day. Just like going to the cash machine… Although I’m even?luckier as my winings are tax free in the UK! What would you spend $2,500 a week extra income on?? A down payment on a new car?? Extra special Birthday gifts? Maybe pay down those Credit card debts? Whatever you choose, I don’t know many people who wouldn’t know how to spend it.

“I’ve played Blackjack for years but with limited success, this system has changed everything!”

As you may know I used to head up a global networking and wealth building organisation and these types of systems are the secrets that were often?revealed to higher level members. My goal back then is the?same as now. To give you the freedom and choice that so many people have struggled to attain over the years.

The 2 Key secrets to Casino success

Over the past 2 years I’ve spent so much time in casinos talking with pit bosses, experts, professional gamblers and more importantly amateur “losers”. I don’t mean loser in a derogatory sense. These guys have so many ups and downs, but usually?end up with less money than they started with each week.? I wanted to understand the maths and numbers and try to see if there was a science to the whole thing. After all, the casino only expects to keep a small percentage of the?overall bets. If these amateur guys keep losing their shirts whether we are in the?casino or not, then how do we make sure we are on the positoive side of the equation.Well it turns out that there are just 2 key secrets to success in the?casino. Something that is 100% and universally accepted from the casinos, players and experts. One is emotional ….?the other is technical! Emotionally knowing when to stop is crucial. That doesn’t just mean when to cut your losses, but its also when to quit when your ahead. We’ve cracked that code. Technically knowing when to hit or stand, double down or split pairs can reduce the house advantage by almost 8 per cent Even newbies can win Quickfire Blackjack will show you exactly how much to bet, exactly how to play so that nothing is left to chance. This system is so easy a child could do it so whether you are an old hand or have never played before, I’ll hold your hand every step of the way. How does it work? If you have played before, you’ll know of the many systems of betting, including martingales, etc.? The massive problem with Martingales can be that you are tied in to huge potential losses for very little reward. Here’s what you’ll love about this system:

  • There are no complex betting patterns
  • No waiting for a run or sequence to happen before you can place a bet
  • Works online and in physical casinos
  • You can start with as little as $250 (although I recommend at little more)
  • You can play for 2 minutes or 2 hours.. it doesn’t matter
  • If the phone rings and you are playing at home.. don’t worry, you aren’t stressing about long sequences to break-even!
  • Most online casinos have at multiple tables to choose from with varying limits so you’ll never be stuck for a game
  • This system isn’t emotionally draining. No energy sapping huge losses, followed by lots of tiny wins… Just steady profits

I could bamboozle you with units win numbers but the proof will be in the pudding.

More Results from the pst few months

“Hi Lee, here are my results from Unibet.com. To say I’m pleased is an understatement. My only frustration is that I have been travelling and have only managed to play 6 days since I watched the?training!” 4th November: Only placed $90 of bets to test it out. ended up even 5th November: Won $85 6th November: Won $174 17th November: Won $85 18th November: Won $755!!! 19th November: Lost $175 ? Played a little too long that day So overall….. $924 in profit in just 6 sessions This has been tested in casinos here in the UK and also online.? What I’ve also done is run it against virtual table and actual table historical results and it works a treat every time Here’s?A Warning .?If you are looking to double your money overnight this is not for you! Yes, I made a packet this morning, but I started smaller and worked up to this over a month or two. You have to be smart! Slow and steady wins the day.. You can easily stay under the radar and win 10% of your bankroll a day and soon have the option to decide whether to quit your job … or not. Its all about having the?choice that counts

Casinos actually love people with a system

This is 100% legal?and while the Casino’s can’t afford to let too many people make this type of return… They love it when people see you winning. It gives others the validation that they made a good decision to go to the casino and play just a little bit longer. We however want to have some fun, make some money and get on with the rest of our day! There is NO counting cards No collusion with other players No crazy martingale systems requiring you to bet your who bankroll on the turn of a card!

My guarantee to you

I am very different from your usual gaming and casino product owners. I’ve tested out almost every company out there and most of them never answer emails or provide any support for questions you may have. I’ve maintained a staff for almost 4 years who have all used the system and are on hand to answer any questions you have and can review your play if you need us to. When you buy Quickfire Blackjack, try it for 60 days days and if it doesn’t work for you….for?whatever reason….?just email me and you’ll get a full refund.

Teaching you how to fish

Everyone has heard the phrase “Teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for life…” Well you have seen above that people have made the?cost of the system back in less than 1 week, playing just a few hours. However the technique and skills you’ll learn in this system mean you’ll be able to walk in to any casino for the rest of your life and have the odds stacked in your favour

Time is running out

I need to keep a close eye on the location of people who buy this system so we don’t flood a particular market with too many winning gamblers. We have already closed down 1 country (You won’t be able to click the button below if you are in that location) as I want to protect those who buy the?system to ensure a positive return.? Whether you use your credit card or PayPal and regardless of which payment you choose, you are full covered on the 60 day guarantee.? Click the button below and claim your place at the pay window today!? Lee? PS – Due to the incredible ?earning power of the QuickFire BlackJack system, the normal retail price of $1995 will be activated shortly, so be sure to lock in your discount.