Non Stop Baccarat


Imagine no more 150+ Unit bust-outs or needing to wait for the very
1st hand in the shoe….


It’s taken 3 years, many different staff and lots of failures, but we finally managed to crack the 2 main challenges people reported with the old Baccarat method Despite its profitable system, time and again people struggled emotionally with the 90 x 6 unit wins followed by a couple of 150+ unit bust-outs. Energetically you needed to be rock solid and nothing tested that resolve like 6 straight losing hands. People would then try and alter the system. Maybe you did too? Did you ever ignore the “start at the beginning of the shoe” advice? I t was there for a reason and to be ignored at your peril. How about pushing the amount of units you wanted to win from each shoe? Maybe you started with a 4 unit goal and figured 10 or 20 units would get you there twice as fast? Well I am pleased to announce tthe launch of Non Stop Baccarat to the General public. However as you were truly in at the ground floor when you purchased the original system I invite you to access my live recordings of an insiders webinar where I explained everything about the new system

New System

On this live training I presented a simple, yet completely different and profitable way to play Baccarat

Join the shoe at any point

This new system allows you to join the shoe at any point and play for as little or as long as you want. No more playing for 35 hands trying to win back 150 units that disappeared in 7 hands

Extended allowance for losing runs & lower bust outs

Non Stop Baccarat is more forgiving than the original system and also a lot easier on the wallet when you do bust out. A bust out now will only cost you 27 units, although the average bust out will actually be closer to 12 units and that only happens if you lose 8 hands in a row not 7.

No Hype

I’m not going to BS you with how you can make a kakagillion dollars over night. This new system retains the upside of old baccarat systems but removes the elephant in the room which was the large bust-outs. In reality if you made just $100 a day, that’s an extra $3k a month. Not crazy money but certainly achievable by most, even with a small bankroll. For those that know me, you’ll know my style is more under the radar and slow & steady wins the game and most importantly is a lot more enjoyable.

$300 discount

It’s taken a long time to develop this new Non Stop Baccarat and lots of the old team that worked on the original Baccarat method have long since moved on. We’ve also tested with real money… which as you can appreciate isn’t an inexpensive process. If you take action now, you will receive a $300 instant loyalty discount!

One time fee

There are no additional fees to pay down the line, regardless of how much money you make. All winnings are your own

BONUS: Additional $400 bonus for you

When you register today I am also going to give you a $400 discount voucher to use on any of our other money making systems.

Lee PS – Once I hit 100 orders, the earlybird discount ends. So don’t delay