IK Stock Market Training

IK Stock Market Training

JAN 17 = +26.45% | ?FEB 17 = +37.8% |?MAR 17 = +22.1% |?APR?= +31.09%

After the successful launch of our UK stock program IK100, I’m thrilled to announce IK200, solely focussed on major US Stocks is now open for registration.

As you can see above, including every stock that matches the IK200 criteria,
We are averaging over 27% growth.

Vital Statistics

The Stock Exchanges around the world play a vital role in our economy. Huge fund managers, brokerages, banking institutions all want a slice and often are hedging both sides of the equation. This means poor returns for YOU, Healthy commissions for THEM. While our stocks consistently deliver almost 30% growth, this is usually double the major markets

Taking Luck Out Of The Equation

There are many methods you can use for stocks and shares. Luck shouldn’t be one of them!

The method we use is unlike any other we have seen on the market.

It was described by one analyst we spoke to as “All The Benefits Of Insider Dealing BUT LEGAL!”

You Can Do This From Anywhere

In this training you will learn exactly how to find the stocks that over-perform.

You will know exactly what price to buy them at

You will know when to sell to lock in your profit or even?when to cut your losses to maximise your profit.

This can be done in less than 10 minutes a day, usually less than 5!

How does it work?

– This is not dealing in Penny Stocks
– NO OTC Market or Pinksheets
– This isn’t illicit or illegal?information
– This is not an index tracking portfolio
– This is not one sector or IPO/Startup focused
– This NOT using Options or shorting stocks

Our best performing individual US pick is?up 91%?and still growing!

When you discover how these stocks are picked a light buld will go off and You will?INSTANTLY understand why it is so profitable

– This is only dealing in Stocks that are credible
– These stocks are fully regulated
– These are unbiased picks based on data not gut feel
– These are stocks that have good liquidity

Whether you have traded stocks or not in the past doesn’t matter. I’ll walk you through step by step exactly how to find, evaluate, buy and sell the stocks.

We guarantee that our staff will not hold stock in any companies we recommend to avoid any potential conflict of interest. This avoids the awful and unethical?“Pump and Dump” strategies of con-men


The price of a stock goes up when demand is high, therefore we cannot allow too many people to be buying any particular stock?at one time.

This means that I?must limit the amount of people who can access these stock recommendations.

I will be CLOSING the doors in 3?days time
When 6?copies have been sold.
Whichever comes first


If you act now and are one of the first 10 to get your copy You will also receive the following:

$300 Loyalty Discount.
Thank you for your loyalty and past orders
(Value $300!)

Free Daily Alerts Service For 90 Days
(Value $147)

Our team will do the research each day and send you an SMS or email with any stock picks for that day

Access to the original IK100 Training
(Value $995)

Not only will you receive US stocks information, but also understand how to trade the UK market too.

$1000 voucher for Mastermind Group Coaching
(Value $1000)

Launching in 2017, small group mastermind coaching to help?you achieve your financial and personal goals


With some products we can sell 1000’s over several years, this program has a finite number before the results change and it affects the outcome.

Click the buttons below?to start making incredible returns like a seasoned investor

Consider This

We send you between?6 and 8 picks per month
Each averaging 27% growth in 4-8 weeks

If you sold all the stocks after 2 months, you would be looking at a growth rate in 1 year of 230%

Put another way, $2000 would turn in to $6607 compounding the?growth and locking in a $4607 profit

How?would your portfolio look with this?growth?

In under 2 hours, you’ll have all the information you need to start buying stocks and making money.

Remember, there are only 6 spaces available