Horse Racing System Tips

$1000 IN TO $37,446 ….

More than any other method, the Horse Racing System is the most common money making method we get asked for.

Historically horse racing has been a poor gamble, where even the #1 experts only get it right 35% of the time…. until now.

Solid, daily & weekly returns backed by an expert team on your side.

Not just 1 tipster … but FOURTEEN Nationally recognised experts open their methods and system with you

Utilising a system ANYONE can follow and make money

We just launched this system to our Insiders club members and a handful of past customers and the instant feedback has been terrific.

This system has now been proven across 26 different race tracks and on both flat & jump racing (Don’t worry if you don’t know a thing about racing – you don’t need to!)

However I know that some people were “priced out” of the system.

After all, paying $1000 for the system, plus a bankroll felt like a step too far for some.

Even with daily winners and consistent monthly profits, people have asked me if I can develop something with a lower cost to get people started and making money fast.

As you can appreciate, using this system turns a $1000 bankroll in to over $37,000 over the year, so the value for money at $1000 is staggering and still leaves you with $35k pure profit after paying for the training

However, I know that not everyone will have the liquid capital to pay both the training costs plus a bankroll, so I am thrilled to launch The HRS Tipping Service which will make it affordable for everyone.

Every day our team will review the horse racing for the day ahead, apply the HRS system criteria and pick the selections for that days wagering.

Every day our team will review the horse racing for the day ahead, apply the HRS system criteria and pick the selections for that days wagering.

They’ll then send you: 1) Exactly which race to place a wager on 2) Which horse to back 3) Exactly how much to wager

It really couldn’t be simpler.


That’s it!


Experts on our side

Jut like casino gambling, everyone seems to have a system. Some people prefer favorites, 2nd favorites, grey horses, particular trainers or just gut feel….

I mentioned earlier the statistics on just betting favourite are pretty poor.

35% on races are won by the favourite and because of the varying odds, you can’t simply parlay one losing bet on to the next profitably without having nerves of steel and big bags of cash!

We actually have called on the experience of 14 nationally recognised experts in horse racing to provide us with a proven system for not just picking winners, but winners at the right price to ensure we remain in product

No experience necessary

Never placed a bet before? Please don’t worry, I’ll not only walk you through every step of the way, but my team & I will be here for years to answer any question you have.

We still support those who’ve bought our programs years ago, but maybe have only just started using their training.

Instant Riches? (not quite!)

I’m not going to BS you with how you can make a kakagillion dollars over night. This new system has been designed to protect you against losing streaks while retaining the upside.

For those that know me, you’ll know my style is more under the radar with slow & steady wins the game and most importantly is a lot more enjoyable.

Consider this…. a 1% daily increase on a $1000 bankroll would become over $37,446 in just 12 months.

Not bad for 2 minutes ‘work’ a day!

How it works

It’s taken a long time to develop this Horse Racing System, but we’ve finally found something we can hang our hat on!

Every day our team will apply the HRS training (Available for $995) and apply a unique 12-step checklist against every horse, in every race that day.

Only when the horses pass the tests will they be put forward as selections for the day We’ll then show you which racecourse, time and horse to bet on.

We will also tell you how much to bet related to your own bankroll each day.

There are no wagers on Sundays, but Monday to Saturday you can choose to bet each day or just selected days.

Either way you’ll receive the selections each day.

Set it & forget it

All you need to do is place the wagers. That’s it! You can then go online and see the results later in the day after all the races have been run or collect your cash from the OTB (or TAB if you are in Australia)

How much does it cost?

To keep the cost down to an absolute minimum, we’ve really streamlined the process, but still need to hire staff and experts to constantly evaluate the tips.

Thanks to the people who invested in the system, you can receive the selections for under $3 per day, or $89 per month and can cancel at any time.

Start immediately

Once you join, there is no hanging around. You’ll receive your first tips tomorrow

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