Club 149


No more $1000+ products as The Alternative Money Club looks to positively impact 10,000 businesses and Individuals in 2020

Are you tired of paying over the odds for trainings and investment advice?

Do you feel a little overwhelmed at the sheer volume of information and choices on how to reach your financial goals?

Tired of the experts telling you that you need the next level or piece of information to really get things cooking?

Or how about the one that says “If you really want to make money, take my certification course and make money selling…. rather than doing the actual methods?

Yes, it all gets a little confusing.

Over the past 6 years the Alternative Money Club has provided valuable trainings, tips and investments for customers around the world.

The average training has cost around the $1000 mark, with individual trainings priced as high as $5000.

However as a family, we have huge goals and realised that while the trainings we’ve produced do offer great returns on both human and financial investments for our members, we just didn’t feel like we were positively impacting enough people.

For a start, you needed $1000’s in order to get access, then you need more money to do the projects. Not an issue if you have cash, a huge barroer if you don’t.

The “aha” moment came when I asked “specifically” how many trainings we had in testing or under consideration. As I started to write, I realised there are over 30 ideas, concepts and trainings in various stages of development.

So it doesn’t take a math wizard to work out that it meant if someone wanted to learn or assess each method to see what was right for them, they’d need to invest over $30,000 just to take a peek…. PLUS whatever cash it took to implement the teachings.

It sounded like training only available to those that could afford, and that doesn’t sit well with me.

Over the same period of time, I’ve been noticing the number 149 regularly appearing. My gut told me to see what the significance of the number was!

It turns out in numerology it simplifies down to a 5, which means an unwillingness to conform  or Independence of thoughts. That certainly resonates with alternative ways of doing things!

Others indicate 149 means the start of a journey or adventure which sounds like fun for all of us

We also canvassed our past customers independently about the price they would consider investing on a monthly basis…. You guessed it $149 was the most common answer.

So Club 149 was born. Form 1st January, whether we launch 1 , 3 or 5 trainings in a month they are covered in one monthly fee. For those that don’t like monthly payments, there is an discounted annual fee that covers every program and training.

If a training has a daily tip service associated, it is all included.

  • No extra’s
  • No premium levels
  • No coaching opportunities
  • No MLM
  • No hidden extra’s
  • EVERY training launched while you have an active subscription is included.

Launch Special

It might sound goofy – but instead of $149 per month, for a limited time you can lock in a low monthly rate of just $99 or if you prefer the yearly plan, just $1000.

As long as you maintain your plan, the price stays the same. No increases.

Why are we doing this?

Well, we hope that now the pricing is much more affordable, we’ll be able to reach more people. We seriously considered free, but most successful (or those on the journey to success) don’t want or expect a handout.

On Day 1, you receive 2 x $1000+ trainings in your online account to access 24/7 as often as you wish:

  1. The Bitcoin Trader program – Delivered 212% profit last year, with reduced downside protocols
  2. The Horse Racing Profits system: DAily tips plus full training currently delivering an average 35% growth/profits per month.

Each month you’ll get between 1 & 5 new trainings and programs for free within your membership fee.

Ready to join the Club?

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See you on the other side!

Lee Kenny