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A new, revolutionary, simple method has been discovered that can allow anyone anywhere in the world to make up to $100-500 a day, $1000-5000 a day, even $10,000 and potentially much, much more??every single day?..playing Baccarat!

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And it is PROVEN to work as it was tested on 10 MILLION shoes!

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You make money on 96% of the shoes you play! Minimum!

Easily make $500 to $1000 or even $10,000 a day playing Baccarat.

This is 100% documented, verified, substantiated and authenticated. This is 100% PROVEN to work! Tested on an astonishing 10 million shoes! Baccarat has finally been beaten!

We will show you the proof!

How can I make such outrageous claims? Simple. Almost 30 years ago I met one of the greatest Blackjack players of all time. He taught me how to win at Blackjack. I got so good and made SOOO much money?I got BANNED from playing Blackjack ?ALL OVER THE WORLD! I was put in the famous Griffin Book.

Every casino I walked into told me I could not play Blackjack.

While touring in Australasia, (yes I am a famous celebrity) I went to the Crown Casino in Melbourne Australia with General Norman Schwartzkopf (we were traveling together along with President Gorbachev of the former Soviet Union). Kerry Packer (the richest man in Australia) owned the Casino. Within 10 minutes I was told I could not play blackjack! They said I was just too good!

That?s when I met Kerry Packer, the richest man in Australia worth BILLIONS. He told me to play Baccarat, NOT blackjack and I could make even MORE money easier and faster? but not at HIS casino!

You see Kerry was known around the world for playing Baccarat and winning millions. He always seemed to win money. Many casinos had actually banned him from playing baccarat. NO ONE ELSE has EVER been banned from playing baccarat! Kerry knew how to win and win ALL THE TIME!

Kerry told me there was a mathematical anomaly with Baccarat, a virtual ?secret code? that could make you win money!

He shared with me SOME of his secrets about Baccarat?but not all!

I then went on a mission to figure out his success at Baccarat.

Here is what I did.

First, my goal was to figure out how to win money on EVERY single shoe.

In order to verify that whatever method I came up with actually made money on EVERY single potential shoe, I had to get the potential results of EVERY SINGLE baccarat shoe that could ever be dealt!

Here?s how I did it.

  • I built a computer software program that would take the 8 decks used in baccarat and do a casino shuffle.
  • I then had the computer shuffle and deal 10 million shoes! NO ONE in the world has this real data!
    This costs huge amounts of money and took thousands of man hours from me personally and many others.

I believe anything tested against the 10 million shoe sample size is going to prove out over EVERY SINGLE shoe potential!

This simply means that I have what NO ONE ELSE HAS!

I have the data, computer power, time and money, to test any method against mathematically EVERY SINGLE SHOE outcome!

Here are the results.

First I went and bought almost every Baccarat method available. I spent over $300,000 buying everyone?s ?guaranteed system?.

I then tested them. NONE of them worked! They all LOST MONEY! Sure, some of them made money on a few shoes. Some even did very well on several shoes. Some you could even test against the Zuma books with 2000 and 5000 shoes and they made money overall.

But if you tested them again every possible shoe outcome you would find that they ALL AVERAGE a LOSS! They ALL LOSE MONEY!!!!

So I started looking at the statistics from the 10 million shoes I had in my database. For HUNDREDS of hours I poured over the numbers until my brain was numb! Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and start going over the numbers, percentages, and mathematical data.

Little by little things started to get clear. I kept remembering how Kerry Packer was playing and making all that money. I specifically remembered one very odd thing he did over and over again.

Then it hit me! It was SO obvious! SO easy! I figured out what Kerry was doing!

I woke up one of the programmers in the middle of the night and had him start running numbers against the 10 million shoes in my database. We kept running it and running it to make sure it was correct. We kept looking at the numbers over and over.

There it was! The mathematical anomaly Kerry told me about!

A mathematical anomaly is when you find a number or statistic that you think mathematically SHOULD NOT BE THERE?but IS THERE!

And there it was! Discovering this anomaly was like discovering DNA! We had broken the code! We discovered the secret! We found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! We virtually hit the lottery!

We could now MATHAMATICALLY WIN MONEY at Baccarat!

This is like when the MIT Math Professor Edward Thorp wrote the book ?Beat the Dealer? in 1966 when he discovered how mathematically you can win playing blackjack by using a basic betting strategy and counting cards so you can change your bet based on the count.

The difference is this Baccarat discovery is SO much better that his Blackjack discovery.

  • it is MUCH easier
  • the odds are much better using this than the blackjack method. (With this every time you play a shoe you have a 96% chance of winning money!)
  • with this Baccarat method you could play thousands of shoes for years and mathematically you COULD make money on EVERY shoe you play! EVERY SINGLE SHOE!!!

This method to play is SO easy and simple!

We tested the method over and over and over again! It worked EVERY SINGLE TIME!

We tested this against 10 MILLION SHOES!

Here are the ACTUAL ASTONISHING AND SHOCKING test results:

  • You win money in 96% of the shoes you play!
  • You win approximately 30 units per every 100 hands played!

And these are the minimums! I am being conservative! You could and should win even more!

These results are authenticated, documented, verified, and substantiated. We have signed documents verifying the accuracy of the data!

We have the proof! I have the proof in writing and you can see it with your own two eyes.

NO ONE ELSE SELLING A BACCARAT METHOD CAN SAY THAT! These kind of successful results are unprecedented!

I know this sounds too good to be true, but it is 100% true, proven, documented and verified! This is REAL.

This is the ONLY Baccarat method in the world that can make these claims!

Now you could virtually have your own personal ATM machine, where you can virtually pull out as much cash as you want or need virtually anytime you want. All you have to do is play some baccarat any time you need or want cash!

This Baccarat method is now being used almost every day by a small group of people around the world that I personally trained!

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People are playing online and in brick and mortar casinos all over the world.

You can play Baccarat online in almost every country in the world, and while sitting in front of your computer you could make thousands of dollars of day in your underwear at home or sitting on the beach or even on your yacht!

Playing Baccarat is fun, exciting, and pleasurable! And it could make you huge amounts of cash every day!

As I mentioned, Kerry Packer was the richest man in Australia. He passed away recently. I got to know Kerry Packer. I had breakfast with him many times at the Blue Oyster Restaurant in Double Bay, in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

Kerry told me that he travelled around the world playing Baccarat using a ?secret code? to win money almost every time he played. He told me he put millions of dollars in cash in his pocket playing Baccarat. He shared with me that in just one night he put 30 million dollars, pure cash profit, in his pocket, IN JUST 3 HOURS, playing Baccarat using the ?secret code?!

He told me that over the last 30 years he put over 200 million dollars into his pocket playing Baccarat and using this ?secret code?. And he enjoyed every minute he did this! Kerry was so good at Baccarat (he used the code that I later discovered and YOU can now get), he was the only person ever to be banned from playing Baccarat at some casinos

This is just more proof that this discovery works in real life!

Here are some more examples:

A famous television celebrity made headline news in the United Kingdom when he played at a casino in London and in one night put 11.5 million dollars cash profit into his pocket.

I sat in Zurich, Switzerland watching a friend sit in front of his computer playing baccarat online for about an hour a day. In 6 days he made over 29,000 Swiss francs pure profit. He started with 2000 Swiss francs as a bankroll and was betting just 30 franc units!

He would sip his coffee in his robe, smoke a cigar, laugh and have so much fun. The ?code? is simple and easy to do!

Another friend would play in the casino for about 2 hours a few days a week. His starting bankroll was $5000 and he bet small $25 -$50 units.

In just a few months, he made enough money to buy himself a beautiful Bentley and paid cash for it.

Two brothers from Florida played on the weekends in the casinos and reported making almost $20,000 pure cash almost every weekend they played.

I have taught a small group of ?insiders? who are doing this is all over the world, in casinos and online.

Almost EVERYONE has reported making profits?..Consistently!

The reports are that they are WINNING!
When you learn the ?baccarat secret code? it is like being a part of a private, exclusive elite club of winners!

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As I mentioned I learned about Baccarat over 30 years ago. I talked with hundreds of ultra-wealthy people who were playing Baccarat and putting astronomical amounts of money in their pocket, cash profits almost every time they played. The privileged elite, like Kerry Packer, have known that you can win consistently at Baccarat if you know the ?code?.

This has been a closely guarded secret. The casinos actually know about this mathematical anomaly and for various reasons let some ?insiders? win money consistently. (I will explain the shocking reasons later!)

However, the ?secret code? on how to make $1,000 to $10,000 or even much, much more a day was a closely guarded secret kept by the privileged elite and ?insiders?.

Remember, I started putting together advanced algorithms using computers to try to break the code. I analyzed what these consistent winners (like Kerry Packer) were doing and looked at the results over and over again.

Over the years, I watched people play and make tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands in just a few hours.

I studied this for almost 30 years! I spent HUGE MONEY working on this project?and HUNDREDS of hours of work?sometimes very late into the night?trying to break the code on HOW they made all the money they were making.

I used computers, advanced mathematics, probability, statistics, and sophisticated algorithms?spending HUGE MONEY on research?and HUNDREDS of personal hours of work?.. Until I FINALLY BROKE THE CODE!

As I said, what I discovered blew my mind! The answer was ridiculously simple and easy. It?s something anyone can learn in minutes. It looked too easy and too good to be true.

Remember, I then went on to build computer models to do analysis on what would happen if you used this code and played shoe after shoe after shoe. The computer programs and models that we built show what would potentially happen if you played Baccarat for 8 hours a day, every day for over 2,000 years.

Certainly no one is going to play for 8 hours a day, every day and certainly not for 2,000 years.

However, this is very important. I feel the computer model that we built shows virtually every potential scenario, every potential shoe shuffle and shoe outcome.

We then ran the numbers to see how often a person can make money doing this. The computer model showed that virtually every single day, without exception, you could make money!

I know this sounds too good to be true. I know it is unheard of, but this is what the computer says.?I HAVE THE PROOF!

This data is verified, documented, substantiated, and proven to be true and accurate.

Every single day you could make money!

You could win 96% of the shoes you play! (many people report winning money on amazingly 100% of the shoes they play!)

You will win approximately 30 units every 100 hands you play! (many people report making much more!)

If you played every day for 2,000 years, every day you could make money! We ran the tests over and over and over and over again and it worked every single time!

These are the actual numbers! 96% of the shoes tested produced a profit! In every test, approximately 30 units net profit per 100 hands played average!

And remember we ran over 10 million shuffles and shoe outcomes! NO ONE in history has ever tested this many outcomes or shoes!

These numbers have been documented, substantiated, authenticated and verified. I have even been in communication with an MIT mathematics professor going over this. Quite frankly I think, he was shocked, amazed, and stunned.

I can tell you this. Every single person that I know personally that is using this ?secret code? makes money without exception.

Every single person doing this will have varying results. Your specific results will of course vary from hour to hour, day to day, week to week, month to month, shoe to shoe, and from person to person. You could make more or less.

Remember, you can do this in front of a computer from almost every country in the world playing at online casinos.

Again, I have the proof which proves every claim is true.

And in many countries your winnings are TAX FREE

You can also do this in brick and mortar casinos as well.

You don?t need a lot of money to get started. You can virtually start with just a few hundred dollars! Many people reported starting with a bankroll of $500 or less and have went on to make $10,000 or more in profit in a short few weeks!

You could make potentially hundreds of dollars a day CASH, even thousands of dollars a day CASH and even over $10,000 a day or more CASH!

I know people who started with just a few thousand dollars and have made over $20,000, $30,000, and even $40,000 in 1 day CASH!

The results keep pouring in..

  • started with $100?..3 weeks later?made over $5000
  • started with $300?.6 weeks later?.made over $8000
  • started with $200??3 months later?..made over $4000
    I just got an email last night?34 shoes played in 2 days?..up over 300 units! WOW!

One man from the UK, an accountant, started with 300 British pounds sterling?.2 months later, playing online only, he made enough money to buy a new car for his wife and take a first class vacation to an exotic tropical island!

If you play with just $10 units you and play for just a few hours, you could make up to $1000-2000 per day or more! If you play $20 units, you could make up to $2000-4000 per day! If you play $100 units you could make up to $10,000-20,000 per day!

Of course your individual actual results will vary!

It simply depends on how many hands you play each day.

Again, these results, all this information, and the secret code has been authenticated, documented, substantiated, verified, and PROVEN to be 100% true and accurate!

Imagine how your life would be like having the ability to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars in CASH every day playing Baccarat for just a few short hours!

Remember, you can do this even while you are traveling as you can play online or in casinos anywhere in the world.

Imagine having the ability to make enough money to pay all of your bills and becoming debt free! Imagine having the ability to make money anytime you wanted so that you can do all the things in life you?ve always dreamed of.

Imagine having the ability to make money while traveling the world.

Can you imagine a life of total financial freedom and independence? Can you imagine a life where you have time freedom?

Imagine being able to go wherever you want whenever you wanted and having the ability to make as much money as you want virtually anytime you want. It?s a dream come true.

And I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is 100% true.

All the statements I am making about the effectiveness of this Baccarat method and system come directly from computer results and from the documented and substantiated results from real people actually using this in real life.

I have never met a person doing this that has not made money! Every single person that I?ve met that is doing this has told me that they have made huge amounts of CASH!!!

When I asked the MIT mathematics professor if it is possible for somebody to do this and NOT make money, I explained it this way?..

?Yes, it is certainly possible for someone to play 200-300 hands every single day for a month and not make money, or even lose a little money, but the likelihood of that happening is so remote. It would be similar to hitting the lottery 2 times in that month or getting hit by lightning. It?s simply an unrealistic statement to say that if you played 200-300 hands every day and followed the method exactly using the secret code, that at the end of a month you wouldn?t make money. In my opinion and based on law of probability, THAT would NEVER happen. I believe you will always make money doing this.?

Think about it this way, CAN you flip a coin 1000 times in a row and have it come up heads every single time? The answer is theoretically yes, but the law of probability says NO it CANNOT!

Same here in my opinion?the law of probability says YOU CANNOT LOSE MONEY DOING THIS! You can only make money!

So, as you can see, the mathematics, and the percentages of this putting CASH in your pocket each and every day, or each and every week, or at worst each and every month are astronomical.

You are so absolutely likely to make CASH every day or every week or every month doing this, that I would like to say that you are 100% guaranteed to make money no questions asked. YOU VIRTUALLY CANNOT FAIL!

The reason you?re reading this is you?ve shown an interest in financial freedom, financial independence and playing Baccarat. You?ve shown an interest in making money. You?ve also proven that you have a winning attitude, a winning mentality and are not afraid to take action.

You are not like the 90% of people out there that have failure, broke mentality. You are not one of the people that are classified as ?losers.? You take action. You take risks. You believe in your own dreams, your own abilities, and you make things happen.

You now have a once in a lifetime opportunity. This opportunity may never be repeated again. This may be your one and only chance to take advantage of learning this 100% proven system, method, and the secret code.

I am going to give you a simply way to learn this Baccarat money making secret so that you could start making potentially hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars, or even over $10,000 a day or much, much more!

A few months ago, in Zurich Switzerland, I invited a small group of friends to attend a seminar that I would personally conduct revealing this ?secret Baccarat money making code?. It was for my friends ONLY. NO outsiders. But they STILL had to pay me to learn this secret method.

The cost of the one day seminar was $15,000 PER PERSON!

It sold out in 2 days. Over 50 people attended!

Everyone was blown away at how simple this Baccarat method is.

Right after the seminar many went right to the casino in Zurich and some went online and started playing.

Within 4 hours after the seminar ended I started getting emails from the attendees with how much money they were making! $300, $500, $1500 and more! All within a couple hours of the seminar!

Within 24 hours the emails kept pouring in! EVERYONE was saying they were making hundreds and even thousands in cash profits! A few did not follow the system exactly and lost a little money!

The results KEEP coming! EVERYONE single person who is following the system exactly has said they are making money! Click here to hear from real people who are doing this and making astronomical amounts of money 100% of the time.

Remember?.you win money on a minimum 96% of the shoes you play! And you win a minimum 30 units per 100 hands played!

The best part is I VIDEOED THE SEMINAR!

This means YOU can get the Baccarat secret code too!


It gets better?.YOU do NOT have to pay $15,000 for the video like those who attended the seminar!

How much do you have to pay? Well think about this??

You can now play Baccarat as a career! You could make $500, $1000 or even up to $10,000 a day playing Baccarat. You could now have the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

This breakthrough discovery is PRICELESS and WORTH any amount of money because it is like owning your own personal money printing press! With it you have the potential ability to make as much money as you want for the rest of your life! Remember you could make up to $10,000 a day or more doing this.

I could charge any amount for this secret, and the smart people around the world would pay it! Remember I sold a one day seminar teaching this for $15,000 per person and it SOLD OUT in 2 days!

And I was offered $1 million from a wealthy Chinese businessman to teach him the secret one on one! An Arab Sheik wanted to pay me $5 million to teach him and would send his private 747 plane to pick me up!

Both also wanted the copyrights and patents on my discovery. I was very tempted to take their offers. But I did not. I want people like YOU to have this secret.

So what is this worth to YOU?

If I could guarantee you that you could make $1,000 a day (that?s $365,000 a year!) doing a fun enjoyable activity (Baccarat) how much would you pay me to learn that?

How much would it be worth to you knowing that every day for the rest of your life you could make $1,000 a day or more from almost any country in the world, anytime you want? How much would it be worth?

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How much would you pay me if I could absolutely 100% guarantee that you would experience those results?

Some of you are probably thinking you would pay me $100,000. Some of you say it?s worth $200,000. Some of you would say it’s worth even more.

Well, let?s be realistic. If I could 100% guarantee those results, it would well be worth over $1,000,000!! Think about it.

Where could you get that type of return on your investment? If you were to invest a million dollars, where could you get a return of $300,000, $400,000, $500,000 a year for the rest of your life?

The answer is?.NOWHERE! Absolutely nowhere.

But I am not going to charge $1,000,000. I am not going to charge $500,000, $200,000 or even $100,000.

I was planning on charging $50,000 cash up front plus 30% of the money you made going forward for the rest of your life. Hundreds of smart people have already said yes to that offer! But I want MANY people to be able to take advantage of this opportunity, not just a small group of privileged insiders.

And, I don?t need your money. I am basically retired now. I have made more money in my lifetime than you could ever imagine.

I wish I could tell you how much money I have personally made over the years playing Baccarat! It would blow your mind!

Let?s just say I have lived the lifestyle of the rich and famous with private jets, Mega Yachts, Rolls Royces and all the ?stuff? of the Ultra Super Rich.

I can tell you that I have ?spent? more than $1 Billion in my lifetime! (That should you give you an idea of how much money I have actually made!)

I want YOU to have the chance of living the life of your dreams!! I want to give you the opportunity of a lifetime! I want to give you a GIFT!

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I know you have hopes, dreams, and desires. I know you?d like to be debt free. I know you want to be financially independent and financially free. So, here is what I am going to offer you.

You can purchase the live seminar on video. You will have to sign a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement.

The cost to purchase the video of the seminar will be just $4997?..BUT??for a VERY LIMITED TIME?..YOU can get the video for just $997!

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If you go online and look for Baccarat methods, you will find videos or books for $200, $500, $1000 and many for $2000 and more. There are several for $5000 and even $10,000. There are a couple for $20,000 and a few for over $50,000. There is one for $100,000!

And guess what? They all DO NOT WORK! All you have to do is test them on the 10 million shoes I have in my database and it will PROVE that NONE of them work! They are a waste of money. And if you use them?over time?you will LOSE MONEY!

My method is the ONLY one that is PROVEN to work in the testing! NO ONE can say that!
96% of the 10 million shoes tested made a profit! You win on AVERAGE 30 units per 100 hands played! MINIMUM!

Remember, after you buy the video, you don?t have to pay me a penny if you don?t make at LEAST $100,000!

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