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How Aaron Makes $25,000 Each and Every Month Thanks To His Simple Amazon Technique In Just 1-2 Hours Per Week {NOW LIVE}

Aaron is 34 years old and by his own words is “just an ordinary guy”

So how did he manage to create what most would consider to be a stellar “dream life” making over $25,000 a month while only working a couple of hours per week?

It wasn’t always this way.

Before we go any further, it’s important to know this:

  • Aaron is not a Guru
  • Aaron doesn’t train or write books on this stuff
  • Aaron had almost zero technical skills (and still says he doesn’t have many today!)
  • Aaron doesn’t use any social media to build his business

Before his Amazon adventure started 2 years ago he was was working in the local chicken factory…because it paid the highest wages!

Like most people who have tried Amazon or eBay programs, he made a little money, but nothing earth shattering.

In fact he was working over 30 hours a week on Amazon and peaked at around $2,000 per month.

Some might say it was swapping one “job” for another

The call that changed it all early last year.

As a member of the Alternative Money Club’s 10 Steps To $100k training program, he invested money in a 1-2-1 coaching call with Lee Kenny.

In that hour he committed to 3 small changes.

Within a month he had EXPLODED HIS INCOME to over $10,000 a month.

That’s over $10,000 PROFIT, not just sales.

We kept in touch with Aaron to check it wasn’t just a fluke

Could he repeat it?

Could he sustain that type of income, month in month out?

Fast Forward to Oct 2018..NO he wasn’t making $10k

When we checked back in with Aaron I asked him if he was still making $10K he said No

He was now making $25,000, $27,000, $26,000 each month


So 5 x times the income in 95% less time

Now he had our attention!

We went through the numbers and verified exactly what he was doing.

We were staggered to find out the following:

  • There was no importing products from China or overseas
  • He wasn’t going to the post office every day with 100’s of parcels
  • He wasn’t answering 100’s of customer service questions
  • He was spending 7-8 hours a day reading, learning and hanging out with family
  • He isn’t spending ANY money on advertising
  • He didn’t need a list of people to market to.

Giving Back

We asked Aaron if he would be open to sharing his exact Amazon “Secret” Formula with our readers and I’m thrilled to say he agreed.

Wasn’t he worried that others would now come and dilute his business?

No..Here’s why:

  1. Almost 50% of every penny spent online in America is sent with Amazon
  2. Its 8 x times bigger than eBay
  3. There are 500m products on Amazon. plenty for everyone
  4. The sales volume each year is over $250bn on Amazon
  5. The chances of all the students picking exactly the product at the same time is incredibly remote

Only for the USA?

Nope.. Amazon is in over 15 countries, each with their own system that you can plug in to using Aaron’s method.

So we went in to the studio recently and intended to spend 90 minutes going through the finer points.


With no stone unturned, Aaron shared absolutely everything.

Aaron explained exactly how he got started.

He opened the lid on TWO very different approaches to working on Amazon

Option 1: The Hustle version. Which takes more time but builds a wonderful foundation and will get you to between $1000 to $5000 a month

Option 2: The Chilled model. Less time? – More money.

So if you’ve been looking for ways to make ends meet or maybe just to increase your wealth, this training could be what you’ve been searching for.

In this training you are going to learn:

  • What to Buy
  • What to Pay For Stuff
  • Where to Find the products
  • How you can eliminate risk to virtually zero!
  • How to add 20-30% profit with 1 simple (ethical & legal) trick
  • How to avoid waiting 2 weeks for your Amazon check
  • Step by Step guide to making $1000, $2000 and over $25,000 a month

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We’ve been talking about this program for a LONG TIME as “coming soon”

Well now it’s here and we recorded almost 4 hours of pure gold.

You’ll be amazed at just how simple it is to get started and to start making money.

The training is now loaded on to the site and when you click the button below you’ll get instant access to the training.

How much does it cost?

Good question. This is going to be our most profitable training we have ever done.

Aaron is already on track for over $300,000 this year.

So our price on full launch is $1795

Early Bird Bonus

Aaron quite rightly pointed out that this has been “coming soon” for so long that when you saw the pre-launch special last week you may have been skeptical it was ever going to be ready!

So he has asked me to extend the discounted pricing until the end of the week.

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Once you’ve been through the training we will hold a live Q&A Call where you can ask Aaron anything to clarify things and to get you started right

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PS – This is the first time we’ve ever taught anyone these methods

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