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$149 Website to stay ahead of the pack

ByLee Kenny

$149 Website to stay ahead of the pack

Testing times indeed with this global virus!

However as you would expect at The Alternative Money Club, we believe in handling things a little differently. It is why our Insiders make 25% in 48 hours in the cryptomarket, while the stock markets plunged 30% or more. All while still leaving plenty of upside for other investors that came after they’d exited the market.

There is a lot of fear and it isn’t confined to one industry, market or country – This time it is truly global.

Ironically fear causes panic and inactivity in equal measures. While some people put their head in the sand and shut up shop, most just do nothing. Sales calls dry up, which is 100% the correct thing to do in certain industries. Pitching a new gizmo or product to a retailer right now… not normally helpful.

However we are approaching the Aristotle Onassis moment.

If you are unfamiliar with the story, Onassis was once the richest man in the world. He got that way by having some foresight and taking action when everyone else was running in the opposite direction. He predicted that when the 2nd world war that shipping (an industry that had been shut down during the war) would not only recover, but would actually need more ships than ever before. He took action when others waited.

When the war ended, sure enough the demand for ships exceeded the available supply and Onassis was well-placed with his 70 tankers and freighters to be there and have a terrific business. Note he didn’t hike his prices quoting “Supply and demand”. He just went to work and when you fill all your ships, the normal rates provide lenty of profit. No racketeering required.

After Covid-19

Who knows how long this lockdown will last? What we do know is more people than ever before are online at home and getting more and more familiar with technology.

There will be 100’s (yes hundreds) of brand new industries and ways of working that will be revolutionary and make lots of money. Most businesses or people will bounce back, even if it takes some time.

Marketing yourself and your business

The #1 thing most companies do in times of trouble is cut back on marketing and investment. We own businesses in the following fields

  • Publishing (yes physical paper!)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO & Google Ads)
  • Sales Training
  • Online Learning
  • Website Design & Development

Friends in the SEO & Advertising markets tell us they are seeing between a 50% & 90% cancellation of spending. This absolutely great news for people with a business or product

Why? Well the prices also just dropped 20-50% for the same amount of coverage

In terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we are seeing a 50% drop in activity, likely to worsen in the next month. That means if you focus now, you get a 4-6 week head start on your competition.

If you don’t have a website or the one you have is not very good I have some fantastic news for you today.

We have teamed up with our Web Development team at DigitalRenovators.com to create 7 templates for new websites.

Normally these would sell for around $1000 plus $200 hosting and maintenance fees.

We have agreed a sensational price of just $149 for Alternative Money Club readers.

PLUS They will also throw in your first years Hosting, SSL Certificate & Security Updates for FREE!

How it works?

  • You choose which of the 7 templates you would like
  • You provide some information and photos if you have them (we can guide you on exactly what and how many words)
  • We build the site on a private link for you to approve
  • Once you are happy it goes live on your domain.

How long does it take?

Once we have the words and images, we can usually turn it round within 48 hours, sometimes sooner.

What other costs are there?

  • None for the website for the first year. In 12 months time, $200 will be due for the 2nd years hosting and security updates
  • If you don’t have a web address already, we can provide one to you for $15

The only exception is if you really cannot write the wording yourself and need one of the team to help, we will charge a small fee for their additional time

Are the websites any good?

We certainly think so, here’s your initial choices:

Example 1 – Click Here

Example 2 – Click Here

Example 3 – Click Here

Example 4 – Click Here

Example 5 – Click Here

Example 6 – Click Here

Example 7 – Click Here

But I don’t like Green/Blue, etc. Can I change it?

Yes, you can change any of the colours and images. You need to use roughly the same amount of words used on the tenplates (Which we’ll be able to confirm how many each section has when you’ve chosen) to keep them looking good

Can I add more pages later?

Absolutely. We’ll even provide you with a video on exactly how to do it yourself to keep your costs down.

Can I add a shop or e-commerce facility?

You can, typically up to 10 products can be added for an additional $100. Sign up with the link below initally and we’ll work with you to get it up asap!

How do I Sign Up?

Click here to reserve your site and one of the team will contact you asap to get the ball rolling

Having a new website now, means you can get to work on optimising it and sharing your gifts and expertise with the world.

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